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Stepping up the target fun!

This innovative inflatable hoverball target allows for anybody of any age from 6 to 106 to try archery virtually anywhere. This inflatable interactive game features air streams that keep  colour balls floating as targets. Use the bow and foam-tipped arrows provided to hit your floating targets. A super fun option for all ages and skill levels, providing hours of endless fun.


The Hoverball  target comes with two bows and arrows, all supervised and set up by an Archery Warfare staff member.  The target can be set up inside or outside with a 6 x 3m gazebo surrounding the target for safety - complete set up dimensions  are approximately 3m x 8m.


To add the excitement of  Hoverball to your next party or event 

5-Spot Targets

Archery Warfare also offers 5-spot targets for your party, HPE class or event needs.  Designed for ages 6yrs + these targets are a great way to entertain, and  introduce participants to the art and skill of archery.  The targets work by knocking out the white spots from a distance - it looks easier than it is!!


Targets sessions are set up and supervised by an Archery Warfare staff member and are safe and fun.

**Watch this space for more info on our upcoming target sessions**

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