This list is an overview to help you ensure you arrive at any of our sites ready and able to comply with our rules. You will be given a site-specific briefing with full safety and rule clarification before ALL events at ALL locations.

  • Please arrive on time as there will be NO extra time allotted for coming in late

  • Recommended ages for targets is 6yrs+ and combat archery 8yrs+. For our weekly game slots, we recommend these games for ages 12yrs+.  A parent or guardian must sign the waiver and provide supervision for players under the age of 16yrs. 

  • To ensure the safety of players under the age of 12yrs, those aged 8-11 must book a private arena to play in.

  • Minimum players per booking is 12

  • In order for Archery Warfare to keep prices affordable and fun, spots can be filled up by other customers if the capacity of your booking does not reach 12

  • Suitable footwear should be worn at all times – some outdoor sites may have uneven surfaces

  • Players MUST remove any loose jewellery and cover any items that may cause injury or damage to equipment.

  • Do not move or run in to the bunkers.

  • Face Masks MUST be worn at all times when playing, that includes when you’re standing on the sideline after having been hit!

  • No intentional head shots!

  • Do not shoot anyone that is in the safety zone and no shooting while you are in the safety zone.

  • No dry firing of the bows! (shooting without an arrow)

  • Be honest! Nothing ruins a game faster than players not taking hits – help us to provide top quality Combat Archery games by being an honest player.

  • A hit occurs when an arrow shot from a bow strikes a player anywhere about their person or attire – head strikes do not count.

  • Ricochets do not count as hits.

  • When you are hit, drop your arrow and raise your hand – depending on the game type you may stay in the game or must leave the playing field (most games allow for in game re-spawns)

  • Dead players must not walk through hot areas – if the rules of the game allow re-spawns, you must move clear of any action before doing so.

  • No fighting, verbal abuse or cheat calling. We don’t mind some adrenaline fuelled aggressive shouting but if you have an issue with another player seek a referee.

  • Archery Warfare does not allow the use of outside bows or arrows of any kind. Only Archery Warfare bows and arrows may be used.

  • Referee's decisions are final and based on safety and good intent. Any repeated unsafe actions could result in time out, or worst-case scenario ejection from the game – Safety is key!

  • If you are unclear on any of these rules, or you have any questions about them, just ask one of our friendly, experienced referees.

  • Please put safety above any game constraints. If you or the referee would see what you are doing as dangerous, then simply don’t do it!

  • Safety and security will always take precedence over gaming!

  • If the bow or arrow is broken due to negligence, misuse, dry firing, or overextending the draw length, a fine will be charged for damages.

  • Archery Warfare reserves the right to store and use the information provided by every booking.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN! Archery Warfare is meant to be enjoyable. The rules are here only to make sure everyone has fun in a safe manner.


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